Private Dining

An intimate party opportunity at THE DUCHESS

THE DUCHESS announces the opening of its exclusive private dining. Inspired by the elegant Belle Époque and the refined flavours of the Nouveau-Niçoise cuisine, THE DUCHESS has graced Amsterdam with its presence since June 2015 and was awarded a Michelin star as of 2018.

As an addition to its royal repertoire, guests enter the personal living space of royalty - with elegant sofas, rich materials, and tremendous windows providing a stunning view of the heart of Amsterdam. The magnificent space offers room for 44 seated and 60 standing dinners. Either an elaborate business lunch or extraordinary birthday celebration, THE DUCHESS tends to every detail - classy canapés and dazzling decorations, all prepared with the established quality that THE DUCHESS is known for.

Take the virtual 360 tour to experience the atmosphere.

For more information or reservation please contact or +31 (0) 20 811 3322.

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